Maternity Photos, 25 Weeks

Lisa and Elie | 35 Week Maternity Photos | | Lisa Samuel

It’s hard to believe we have less than three months to go until we get to meet this sweet baby of ours. Time slips by quickly, filled to overflowing with all of those things that might take a backseat for a while once Bubbles arrives–coffee dates, walks with friends, dinner parties, time alone with Elie to snuggle and dream. We fully intend to continue to engage in life after baby, but we’re also trying to be realistic that the transition will take time and adjustment. For me, it’s a little scary knowing I can’t be fully prepared for our new reality, no matter how many books I read, advice I seek, stories I hear, friends I’ve observed, or classes I take. And no matter that I’ve dreamed for years about becoming a Mom. Our new life is impossible to clearly foresee.