Week 19, Feeling the Baby

Week 19 Pregnancy | Lisa Samuel | www.Simmstown.com

 This blog is probably as good a place as any to keep a diary of my pregnancy and share my experience.  I know I’ve eagerly read other blogs and quizzed other mamas in search of answers: Is this normal? Do other people experience this? What should I expect? The internet is both a great resource and a terrifying wealth of too much information.

When we were traveling this summer, I became obsessed with researching listeria after I ate some feta cheese without checking to make sure it had been pasteurized.  I’m normally not really a worrier, but the idea of listeria had me scared.  Until Elie looked up the statistics and asked me to guess a number between 1 and 40,000.  Me guessing the number right was about the same chance I had of getting listeria.  That helped. A little.

My pregnancy has been fairly uneventful, if just a bit uncomfortable.  Even now, I am still nauseous almost every day.  I had another friend explain it as feeling ‘green,’ which is an apt description.  It’s not debilitating, just…uncomfortable.  I have the same adjective to describe my growing belly.  I don’t know if it’s just because I’m short-waisted and there’s not a lot of room there, or if everyone feels this way.  It’s just uncomfortable, and I’m still hoping to hit that second trimester bliss I’ve heard so much about.

Week 19 Pregnancy | Lisa Samuel | www.Simmstown.com

Week 19 Pregnancy | Lisa Samuel | www.Simmstown.com

But as I write this, I can feel Bubbles moving in my belly, and it makes every discomfort disappear to the background like white noise.  I first started feeling those little flutters in week 18, and I’ve learned to recognize them more and more.  But even cooler and more amazing, I can actually feel Bubbles with my hands—almost all the time. 

When we went to visit our midwife a few weeks ago, we heard the heartbeat again, strong and loud.  I felt for a lump on my belly and asked the midwife, “I keep feeling lumps like this.  Is this my uterus, or an organ?”

She felt the lump under my fingers and laughed.  “That’s the baby! You’re lucky you can feel it so early.”

Ever since then, I’m constantly aware of where Bubbles is, moving up under my navel during yoga or sliding to the side when I sleep at night.  If I rub my belly where Bubbles is, he or she will often poke out so I can see him or her.  Elie laughs at me, because I say that Bubbles is cuddling with me.  It’s amazing.

 It’s hard to believe that I’m almost halfway to giving birth to this little person.

Week 19 Pregnancy | Lisa Samuel | www.Simmstown.com

Week 19 Pregnancy | Lisa Samuel | www.Simmstown.com

Week 19 Pregnancy | Lisa Samuel | www.Simmstown.com

These pictures were taken at McKenzie’s wedding shower, which was during my 19th week.  You can read more about the shower on Nourish RDs.


I am married to my best friend, Elie, and we are the proud parents of a little boy, Theo, born February 11, 2016. Until Theo was born, I was a practicing registered dietitian nutritionist, but I am secretly a homemaker at heart, as I am happiest at home, cooking, organizing and making our home a comfortable place for our family and friends to gather. Elie and I are also travel lovers, and I share our travels here. Since Theo was born, this blog has morphed into a parenting blog as well, and those are actually my favorite posts to write and share.

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