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37 Weeks: Maternity Session

When I first asked our friend, Jenelle, to do this maternity session for us, I didn't really intend on sharing these photos. I just wanted to have a permanent memory of […]

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A Baby Shower

Only two days away from Christmas, I’m sitting in the early morning darkness beside a brightly lit tree, reflecting on the meaning of this season: the miracle of the birth […]

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Week 32 Pregnancy Updates and Matzo Ball Soup

This past weekend, our home was filled to overflowing with many of my closest women friends and family, here to celebrate Bubbles and my transition to motherhood. I felt like […]

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29 Weeks: Babymoon in Austin

I had to go to Austin last week for one day of meetings for work, so we decided Elie would join me and we would turn the trip into a […]

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Maternity Photos, 25 Weeks

It's hard to believe we have less than three months to go until we get to meet this sweet baby of ours. Time slips by quickly, filled to overflowing with […]

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Pregnancy Week 21, A Prayer

In my yoga practice this morning, my yoga teacher, Amy, began the class with a story about her 10 year-old daughter.  As they were on their way to school the […]

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Pregnancy Week 20, The Ultrasound

We had our 20-week ultrasound yesterday.  I expected to feel awe or happiness, or perhaps to cry.  But I didn’t anticipate the flood of emotions that washed over me, as […]

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Week 19, Feeling the Baby

 This blog is probably as good a place as any to keep a diary of my pregnancy and share my experience.  I know I’ve eagerly read other blogs and quizzed […]

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Baby Samuel

Earlier this year, when I was trying to decide how to celebrate turning 40, I teasingly said to Elie, “All I want for my birthday is a baby.”

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