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When You Need Screen Time: Sweet Videos for Little Ones

How is everyone doing? I will start this post by stating the obvious--healthcare workers, emergency responders, essential personnel who keep us fed, deliver our mail, pick up our garbage are […]

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Stacked Enchiladas

I've been trying to get this recipe posted for over a week now, but finding the time to write has been challenging. Did I actually say the other day that […]

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Vegetable-Rich Chicken Paella

In this uncertain time of a worldwide pandemic--words I never thought I would say-I'm seeking peace and a big inhale-exhale with words and with food. It feels like the two […]

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How I Started Sleeping Better

How are you all doing? I meant to post this during National Sleep Week last week, but then the world fell into the surreal twilight zone of social distancing and […]

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2020 Intentions

Happy New Year, friends!

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2019 Intentional Holiday Gift Guide

It's not even Thanksgiving yet, and I've already starting decorating for Christmas. I can't help it. Theo has been singing Christmas songs, reading holiday books and asking about Santa ever […]

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A New Twist for the Thanksgiving Table --Roasted Vegetable Stuffing

Growing up, I loved the Thanksgiving stuffing--or dressing, as we call it in Kentucky--more than any other part of the meal, even the pie. Whether it was my Granny's version, […]

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On Parenting. And Smashed Roasted Potatoes with Crispy Cauliflower over Tahini

My niece recently showed me a meme about how bloggers write a whole dissertation about how much their husbands love guacamole before sharing the recipe for guacamole when readers just […]

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On Marriage, and a Recipe for Lisa’s Egg Sandwich

In August, Elie and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary with a getaway to Vancouver. While we visit Vancouver often, it’s always with Theo to visit family. We seldom get […]

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Three Years with Theo

John Craigie sings a song, What Phase is This? and that is the refrain playing in my head when I think about life with a three-year-old. What phase is this?

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