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Watch My 'Taste of Israel' Virtual Cooking Class

I was listening to the Ten Percent Happier podcast yesterday with Roshi Joan Halifax, and it left me in tears. Not necessarily sad tears, but tears of empathy. We are […]

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Travel Guide: San Diego Area with Kids

We recently spent a week in the San Diego area with family, rolling in the sand, splashing in the waves and exploring as much of the Southern California food scene […]

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Travel Tips: Packing List of Activities for Three Year Olds

This is the second post on what to pack in your suitcase to entertain your toddler while traveling. The first was for two year olds, and this one gives updated […]

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Three Weeks in Israel

We arrived in Tel Aviv mid-morning, bleary-eyed and a little wobbly from lack of sleep, since Theo was the only one of the eight of us to sleep on the […]

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Complete Travel Packing List

We got home a few weeks ago from a three-week trip to Japan, where I tested and made notes on our travel packing list, which I'm constantly editing and updating […]

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Travel Guide: Japan with a Toddler

Every time I visit a new country, I’m struck by how hard it is to know and understand a place unless you visit, walk, observe, listen and get to know […]

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The Perfect Travel Outfit

I posted this on Instagram a few weeks ago, but I got so many comments, I thought it should have a permanent place here on the site. It took me […]

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Travel Tips: Packing List of Activities and Toys for Toddlers

My word for this year is ACTION. Because sometimes it's easy to get caught up in dreams and planning and the day-to-day activities of life and never actually take action. […]

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International Travel with a Baby

  When we announced we were having a baby, we received many comments along the lines of, "I guess your traveling days are over!" Not a chance. When we decided […]

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Travel with Theo: Beaune, Burgundy

When we decided to have a baby, we always intended to keep on traveling, going on adventures and exploring our world. It was just luck or providence that gave us […]

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