The Perfect Travel Outfit

Perfect Travel Outfit //

I posted this on Instagram a few weeks ago, but I got so many comments, I thought it should have a permanent place here on the site. It took me a long time to come up with the perfect travel outfit. For years, I went the comfortable route, Lululemon yoga pants and jacket, a cute tee and Flip Flops or tennies. Then, I upgraded to leggings, an ankle boot and a long top or sweater, or maybe a maxi dress and cardigan. But that felt too dressy and uncomfortable for sitting on the floor and playing Legos with Theo while we wait for the plane. 

But I finally have a a standard travel outfit that I’m sticking with. It looks put-together, but is comfortable enough to survive a long-layover or chase after Theo. We could also land in Paris and head straight to Breizh Cafe for buckwheat crepes, and I wouldn’t feel out of place. 

Here’s the formula.

Start with the comfiest stretchy skinny jeans in a dark wash. A dark wash because, #toddlers. White jeans on a plane are just asking for trouble. These jeans are my favorite, and I swear they are more comfortable than yoga pants. 

Lightweight linen sweater, or a lightweight flattering top. Linen holds its shape well, and it can keep you warm or cool. But any flattering top will do. This sweater is my favorite. 

Comfortable shoes. These Allbirds are my go-to, because they look great and they are SO comfortable. Embarrassingly, all three of us have matching pairs. But, I also love these slip-ons, and they are a cute option for warm weather travel.

A scarf that doubles as a wrap or a blanket for Theo. The one I carry all the time is no longer available for sale in the United States, but soft and washable are key. 

A backpack. I was slow to convert to the backpack, because it always felt so unstylish and clunky. But after carrying a diaper bag on one shoulder for the past two years, I was ready to switch. I found this really inexpensive, washable one on Etsy. I love it so much, I bought it in three different styles and colors. Whichever backpack you choose, make sure it’s washable and that it has lots of pockets to organize #allthethings.

A coat or jacket, if needed. Obviously, if you’re going to a cold weather destination, you’ll also want a jacket or coat appropriate for the climate.

What’s your go-to travel outfit? I always love new tips!

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