A Method for Meal Planning

A few weeks ago, I taught a cooking class at Ciao Thyme, the first since before I was pregnant. As the room filled and I listened to the laughter and chatter build, I remembered why I love to teach how to make nourishing food delicious and doable, why I love to persuade people they CAN do it, and why I love being a cheerleader for home cooking. Because food is so much more than just food. Food nourishes. Food gathers us around the table and creates an opportunity for openness, for communication, for communion. Food brings families together and food creates lasting memories of love and safety and home. Those were the thoughts running through my mind as class began.

I almost didn’t write this post.  The topic of easy holiday entertaining sounded trite to me, and maybe even a little pompous. Because really, holiday entertaining can be stressful.  Especially if we start to compare ourselves to Pinterest boards and Instagram posts and beautiful blogs portraying perfectly set tables (or perfectly imperfectly set tables) and…