Heuvos Divorciados

Huevos Divorciados // Lisa Samuel

I hope the first meal plan I shared last week was helpful! This recipe for Huevos Divorciados is on the menu for tonight, but of course, you could make it any time. It’s traditionally served at breakfast, and it’s inspired by a trip to Puerto Vallarta from a few years ago. The last week of our trip, I ended up with a crazy case of food poisoning (I actually, literally, thought I might die), and so we were bound to our hotel for the last four or five days of our trip. Luckily, we were staying in a rooftop suite at a lovely little bed and breakfast in the older part of town. So, we would just open up all the doors to let the sun and breeze stream in, and I would lay in bed or on the deck and sleep and rest. Every morning, they brought breakfast to our room. I could only stomach plain tortillas and rice, but Elie had Huevos Divorciados–two eggs on tortillas, one with green salsa and one with red–every single morning.