Whole Grain Buckwheat Crepes with Yogurt Whipped Cream

Whole Grain Buckwheat Crepes Lisa Samuel

Welcome to my new website! This project has been many months in the works, to create a website with a new look, feel and navigation that matches my goals for this year and the years to come. If you’re new here, you might start here to learn a little more about me. Or here, to understand a little more about the heart behind the stories I share. I have lots of plans for this site, including more regular posts, starting now.

When Elie and I first started dating, we had an agreement: I would cook and he would play guitar while I cooked. It’s been a successful arrangement, one that makes us both happy. But every now and then, Elie gets the urge to make something sweet.  I bought him an ice cream churn for his birthday,…