The Toddler Parenting Books on my Nightstand

The Toddler Parenting Books on my Nightstand //

I lost my temper yesterday, and I had extreme mom guilt last night. To be honest, I’m a pretty patient person, and I don’t lose my cool very often. Almost never, actually. Being an older mom helps with patience, I think. I know I’m generally a more patient person at 43 than I was a 23. I also wanted to be a mother for such a long time, I think I developed a serenity reserve where, most of the time, I just don’t sweat the small stuff. But, Elie’s been out of town all week on business and neither Theo nor I sleep well when he’s gone. Theo is missing Elie, and maybe he has a little extra dose of spunk since starting school. Anyway, tired mama plus tired toddler, and I lost my temper because Theo was ignoring me when he was standing too close to the edge of the embankment leading down to the bay. And then he bit me for the first time–probably in response to me snapping at him. It might also have been a playful bite, because it’s very unlike him. It was surprising. And I got mad.