Motherhood and Self-Care

Motherhood and Self-Care //

I became a mother for the first time one month before my 41st birthday. I don’t know if my experience as an ‘older’ mother is much different from someone who becomes a mother at 21 or 31, but I suspect that it is. Partly because I had 41 years to practice selfishly focusing on myself and my own desires. I don’t use the word ‘selfish’ negatively, but just that I had the freedom to only take care of myself for all those years. Obviously, I was married and I had a career and other obligations, but Elie doesn’t need me to take care of him 24/7 and I could make decisions about how much to work or what other commitments I wanted to take on. But a baby changes all of that. A baby needs you all the time.

I’ve been thinking about how monumental this first year is, this year of so many firsts. Everything is brand new and every new experience has the potential to be one that shapes the rest of Theo’s life. Am I being melodramatic? Maybe. But I have this compelling drive to make every ‘first’ the best one…