Transition from Co-Sleeping to Crib

Transition from Co-Sleeping to Crib | | Lisa Samuel

I’m writing this post from France, with a sleeping baby happily napping in his travel crib in the next room. Every time I put Theo to bed and he drifts quickly off to sleep, I am grateful. Grateful to my husband, for his perseverance; grateful to Theo, for being so willing to change; and grateful to all of the sleep advice I received from books and blogs and friends.

I’ve been pretty quiet here lately, because the last month or so we’ve had a full house. Our friend, Michele, visited us from Denver. My Dad came to visit from Mississippi. Elie’s cousins visited from Toronto. My aunt and uncle drove up from Oregon. Our friend, Daisy, and two of her friends visited us from…

Five months. This is it. I remember a friend saying that this is the stage you dream about when you dream about having a baby. The squishy cheeks, the big toothless grins and giggles, the cuddles that envelope you with their trust and sweetness. We’re in it, deep, deep in love with this little one.