Conscious Kids Clothing Brands for Back-to-School

Conscious Kid Clothing Brands

It’s been a minute since I’ve added any new posts here. Where has the time gone? Theo had his first kindergarten play date yesterday to get ready for the new school year. Kindergarten! It feels like a big milestone. 

If you are back-to-school shopping like I am, I thought I would share my favorite conscious kid’s clothing brands here. I know ethical and sustainable brands are often more expensive, but not always. I’ve included more budget-friendly brands here, too. I’d rather buy Theo fewer clothes (he wears the same things over and over). Plus, I find that the quality is so good, these clothes last longer. Just buy them a little big in the beginning and they will last for over a year. Also, be sure and check the websites soon–most of these brands are currently running sales.