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Conscious Kids Clothing Brands for Back-to-School

Conscious Kid Clothing Brands

It's been a minute since I've added any new posts here. Where has the time gone? Theo had his first kindergarten play date yesterday to get ready for the new school year. Kindergarten! It feels like a big milestone. 

If you are back-to-school shopping like I am, I thought I would share my favorite conscious kid's clothing brands here. I know ethical and sustainable brands are often more expensive, but not always. I've included more budget-friendly brands here, too. I'd rather buy Theo fewer clothes (he wears the same things over and over). Plus, I find that the quality is so good, these clothes last longer. Just buy them a little big in the beginning and they will last for over a year. Also, be sure and check the websites soon--most of these brands are currently running sales. 

There's a lot more I have to say about our homeschool experience last year, our feelings about starting school this year, the current anxiety caused by the rise in Covid cases. But I'll leave all of that for later, and just say happy back to school! I hope you're making it through this time with kindness and grace for yourself and others. xo

Childhoods Clothing

This is my favorite brand of clothing for Theo. Yes, the clothes are expensive, but you can often buy the end-of-season pieces on sale. All of the fabrics are milled in the Unites States and the fabrics are made in the United States. I always buy several pants, tees and sweatshirts and everything mixes and matches together. I think they run true-to-size. 


PACT clothing is made with organic cotton in Fair Trade certified factories. I stock up on the PACT tees for Theo. They are so soft and comfortable, and they are more affordable. They also make adorable dresses. 


For jeans, I love DL1961. They are the brand I wear the most often, as well. Yes, $55 for a pair of jeans for a kid is expensive. But, I just size up and then Theo can wear the jeans for close to two years. Their commitment to sustainability is really interesting, if you want to take time to read the story--basically, they take old jeans and turn them into new denim with process that uses way less water than most other denim manufacturers (10 gallons, instead of 1500). 


Boden makes colorful, playful clothing, and it's my source for button-down shirts for Theo. The company has a very detailed section on its site about its commitment to ethical production of its clothes and sustainable fabrics and production. 

Hannah Anderson

Hannah Anderson has a reputation for cutesy, matchy clothes for kids, but they have some great pieces--especially their tees and sweatshirts. And their pajamas are iconic, of course. I still can't get Elie to jump on the matching pajama train, but I'm not done trying. Hannah Anderson clothes are made with organic cotton in Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified factories. 


Patagonia is a leader in the clothing industry when it comes to sustainability and the impact of production on our environment. They have extensive information on their website about everything from regenerative agriculture to fair trade to recycling. I learn a lot by reading their articles. Also, the quality of Patagonia outerwear can't be beat. It is more expensive, but they last. We always pass Theo's outerwear to another friend or someone else who can use them. 


At Theo's school, they spend a good part of their day outside, rain or shine. A good pair of waterproof boots is important. BOGS uses some innovative sustainability practices, like using probiotics in their boots for odor control (as opposed to chemicals). 


When it comes to running shoes, I always buy Theo adidas. Just keep an eye out and buy them when they're on sale. Adidas has a commitment to ending plastic waste and saving our oceans.


Masks are still an unfortunate part of our reality for this school year. Recent findings have shown cloth masks to be ineffective in protecting against the coronavirus, so we have switched to these EvolveTogether masks. The regular masks are great for day-to-day use, read: easy to breath. But they are also coming out with KN95 versions for when you need more protection. 

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