Meal Planning: Weekend Meal Prep #4

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If you’re new here, you may want to start here. There are other weekend meal preps detailed here, here and here.

With the onset of spring, I’ve been taking more walks outside. It’s my one hour of true ‘me time’ during the day where I put on headphones and listen to a podcast or just daydream. On one of my walks last week, I listened to this podcast, and it filled my soul that day. Here is a poem for you, from that episode.

Did you follow along with last week’s meal plan? I hope you’re finding these helpful! Sometimes the hardest part of making dinner is deciding what to have, so I’m enjoying creating these meal plans each week. Throughout the week, I’m tagging recipes I see, or leafing through cookbooks to see the pages I’ve bookmarked, both…

We’re still in Mexico right now, but we’re headed back home tomorrow. It’s been a wonderful trip, and we’ve certainly caught the Baja bug. We’re already looking at a return trip next February. Celebrating Theo’s birthday here (on February 11) might become an annual tradition.