2019 Intentions

2019 Intentions // www.LisaSamuel.com

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you’ll already be familiar with my yearly reflections and the setting of intentions for the year ahead. In one form or another, it’s a thoughtful, meditative process I’ve repeated each year for the better part of thirty-five years, since I received my first red leather-bound diary at the age of eight. 

Never has this process been as meaningful as it is now. Since Elie and I have been together, we’ve adopted this practice as a family, sharing our reflections and intentions so we can hold each other accountable, lift each other up, and support each other in our individual and family goals. Taking intentions from our hearts and minds and penning them to paper gives them weight and energy. It makes them real. 

If you’re curious about the process I use, I explained that in last year’s post. I hope it’s helpful to you. It’s been a powerful tool in my life.   

The first few years Elie and I were together, we didn’t exchange Christmas gifts, guided by a feeling that we already have so much. But, Christmas morning always felt like something was missing–not the getting, but the joy of giving. Giving a gift to someone you love is a joyful process the whole way through,…

Every night, after bath and pajamas and the wrangling that is brushing a willful two-and-a-half year old’s teeth, Theo and I go into his room, dim the lights and get ready for sleep. I sit down in the rocking chair and he squeezes in beside me, holding two books. I wrap my arms around him…