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A Visit to Blackberry Farm

If the food-obsessed wrote their bucket list for dream culinary destinations in the United States, Blackberry Farm would certainly make the Top 10.  It was on mine.  The ultimate destination for farm-to-table-obsessed food lovers, Blackberry Farm embodies the interwoven Southern trifecta of food, family and place, preserving and elevating traditional Tennessee foothills food culture, all in a luxury setting.

At its core, the idyllic Blackberry Farm is a place of nourishment, and nourishing yourself is about more than just food.  It begins with food, but it doesn’t take long to realize we nourish ourselves with the adventures we take, the people we love, the traditions we follow and the philosophies we embrace. Who we are—and who we want to be—both are nourished by the world we live in and the worlds we visit when we travel. When we’re living our best lives, everything and everyone nourishes us.  And Blackberry Farm allows you to live your best life—even if only for a weekend.

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Elie and I spent a few days at Blackberry Farm in Spring 2012.  It was Elie's birthday present to me.  I wrote about this trip before Simmstown was created, so you can read about our trip on the Nourish RDs blog, here.

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